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Taking My Time Lyrics | Dee MC

Produced by Kru172

Directed By Hut Nation

Taking My Time Full Song Lyrics By Dee Mc

 5 ft nerd walking through with her glasses on

Wouldn't guess her to be cool

Till she spits like a thunderstorm

Aint from the streets

Not that breed

Yeah I'm really calm

Middle-class kid

Choti aukaat, par bade khwaab

Rap about being poor (when you're really not)

Rhyme about being a thug (when you're really not)

Parent's money, talking trash

Blowing paper, not your cash

Online gangstas with a mask

Take it off, what you got?

Laying low hibernating with my plate full

Music on the sideline asking me to be playful

People undermining me

If this is how its gotta be

You can push & I'll be free

Fuck it imma be grateful!

Viral ideas making imagination sick

Talking back to the beat yeah that does the trick

Shake my ass for fame not my type of jig

Give out punches for free I'm that type of chick

Logo ka kya aaj karte yaad

Kal bhul Jayenge

Jab Tak hai Jaan

Hum bhi kahaniyan sunayenge

We're going places I just like to take time with mine

Polish my rhymes in these lines and wait to shine

No sir, I'm in no hurry to reach the top

Get there before you?

I'll be sure to save a spot

Chaar Logo Ki Baato ko chodd diya hai Kal pe

Khuda hai Jung meri

Nahi tum sabse

Rote rote

Aasu sukh gaye toh karli baat yeh pakki

Ab yeh kahani, mene thaani, sunnlo baat yeh sacchi

I gave my all to the music so now it's loving me back

You see me rolling you hating boy every track to track

Sach keh na paate jo woh jaan se khel jaate hai

Khokar khudko kuch apne aap se mil paate hai

Let Karma take care of others

While I do my thing

Brown queen from India

Yeah you can kiss the ring

Taking My Time

I've been out for a while

So I'm Taking My Time


Mumbai to Chandigarh


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